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Empowerment Through Opportunity
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Beginning Computer Classes - 5 to 1 Instructor Ratio:

Earn Continuing Education Units And A Certificate Of Completion For Successfully Completing Computer Classes!

Path To Employment Classes:

Hi.I’m Tammie Murray.

Our Mission Statement: Empowering individuals through education, in an effort to build the skills necessary to think, behave, take action, and take part in decision making in autonomous ways, in order to have control of one’s own destiny.

Experience with all types of Occupations: Entry Level, Blue Collar, and Professional - Experience with all Education levels, and types of Disabilities.

Description of Services: While we help client’s find employment, we also help develop the skills needed to compete for that employment.  Empowerment Through Opportunity has experience working with various individuals and disability/barriers- from those that need help determining their employment options, to those that have Masters degrees and above.  We have plenty of staff to help our clients, and we are available to do so Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We teach Job seekers how not get screened out by the many methods that are currently being used by employers prior to anyone ever seeing the job-seekers application, cover-letter or resume.  DVR does not have jobs, and Empowerment Through Opportunity does not have jobs- only employers do, and we teach what is needed to get one.

Attached is our Current Schedule; we have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and open-labs and individualized help available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; no appointment is necessary unless a certain time of day and date are needed by the client for one-on-one help.  We send out new job leads two to three times per week, and it is our goal not only to prepare individuals for their next job, but to continue to expand their skills so that they can continue to get better jobs in the future.

We assist with Application Templates, Resume and Cover Letter Development, as well as provide Interviewing Instruction and Review - Soft Skill and Interpersonal Instruction, and Employment Readiness Training are all part of our services. We also provide Life Skills, Personal Development, and Daily living Counseling - Disability Management and Barrier Accommodation strategies.  Empowerment through Opportunity offers to all clients that want or need them, Beginning Computer Classes for Email - Internet and *Microsoft 2007 Word - Excel and Power Point with Completion Certification and Continuing Education Credit if desired.  We also offer Typing and 10 Key Tutorials to improve each individuals skills and their ability to compete for employment opportunities.

Empowerment Through Opportunity helps our clients build their skills at the same time they look for employment so that they have the best ability to compete for employment in this highly competitive work market.  It is our expectation that individuals working with us participate in what we have to offer; if that is something a client can not or does not want to do, it would not make sense for them to choose us as a service provider.  Our program is structured to provide similar expectations that one will encounter when employed, and the chance to prepare to meet those expectations and to develop the knowledge and ability to maintain employment long-term.